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IRMA Foundation - Dogs in the Service of Men

The IRMA Foundation is working to protect people, animals and the environment by spreading the idea of rescue using rescue dogs.

The 'IRMA' Foundation for Specialist Rescue with the Use of Dogs was founded on 17 December 2012.

The Foundation’s mission

Our main goal is to use dogs in search and rescue, after a disaster (search in ruins) and others, by organizing a group of handlers with dogs to perform search and rescue operations, its training and continuously improving skills of rescue dogs and their handlers based on the highest national and international standards.

For our Foundation the most important is to bring aid and promote the idea of search and rescue. We do not treat the rescue as a sport, but as the idea of helping people in need.

Life of missing persons almost always depends on the effectiveness of the search, and dogs significantly increase that efficiency. We treat rescue in accordance with its objectives – as a field of helping, in which there is no space for competition.

Parallel activities

In addition, the Foundation also conducts activities aimed at raising awareness in society about working dogs and dissemination of good practices on the relevant relationships and attitudes towards the dog. We also care of safe transport of animals.