Nose Work

We offer education in the field of recreational scent detection, i.e. Nose Work. This form of olfactory work is suitable for every dog ​​and handler, it does not require special team predispositions or large time and financial outlays. Nose Work allows you to develop a sense of smell in the dog, build a strong relationship between the dog and the handler, helps build confidence in the dog and is a great therapy for reactive dogs. You can read more about Nose Work HERE.

As part of the Nose Work training, we offer:

  • education of instructors
  • education of judges
  • basic training for dogs and their handlers
  • seminars and workshops for instructors and judges
  • seminars and workshops for dog handlers
  • individual training and consultations
  • preparation for the competition
  • troubleshooting

We offer our services in both Polish and English.

We work based on the regulations of Nose Work Club Polska using fragrances based on hydrolates.

We acquired our knowledge of Nose Work from Swedish instructors and judges from the Svenska Nose Work Klubben, having the privilege to be educated by them and obtaining the title of Nose Work Instructor. This knowledge is derived directly from the creators of K9 Nose Work®, which is the original source of this type of olfactory work.

More about K9 Nose Work®:,


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