Nose Work can be trained by any person and any dog, regardless of age, condition, size, breed or even physical limitations. This activity is literally for everyone.

In addition, it does not require large financial outlays or training areas. Nose Work can be practiced every day and in virtually any conditions, and it does not require any obedience training.

The advantages that Nose Work include:

  • mental effort for the dog in accordance with his nature – nose work uses large amounts of energy in the dog
  • building confidence in shy and fearful dogs
  • redirecting the energy of hyperactive dogs to a silent nose job
  • dog learning to focus
  • learning to communicate with a dog and read his body language
  • building a bond between the guide and the dog
  • activation of owners and motivating them to actively spend time and work with their dogs
  • a great way to work with aggressive and reactive dogs – Nose Work is trained individually

Nose Work – sport, work and recreation

Nose Work training gives us the opportunity to compete with others during national and international competitions, workshops and exams. However, this is not a discipline only for sports people. Nose Work also brings a number of benefits when used in a recreational way in everyday life or when working with problematic dogs (fearful, aggressive), or with shelter dogs.

For our current offer in Nose Work education please visit the events page.